About Insignia

We are a boutique market research firm focused on delivering best practice Research, Knowledge and Strategy. For over twenty years we have worked with leading retail, tourism and consumer products clients to help them better understand market dynamics, leverage business opportunities, and develop sound marketing strategies.


360' research and consulting to build country travel brands and increase visitation


Strategic and tactical research to optimize marketing spend


Research aimed at improving brand positioning in order to better engage consumers

Our Company


Our fundamental start point is best practice consumer research, both quantitative and qualitative—designed to address the core objectives of our clients. Our speciality practices are retail, tourism and brand strategy for packaged goods. We specialize in designing and conducting primary research in Canada and G20 markets.


While research is the start point, Insignia’s years of experience layer on insightful knowledge to our client’s unique issues. Whether in retail, tourism or packaged goods, we have been exposed to and evaluated the market dynamics and issues. Our experience adds invaluable perspective.


We thrive on creating strategic solutions. Whether developing a breakthrough brand strategy, determining how to market destinations to an emerging travel market or advising major retailers on how to strategically address encroaching big box stores, Insignia seeks ultimate solutions to strategic issues.


Our Team


David Thexton

A quantitative marketing research specialist with over 30 years' experience, David co-founded Insignia in 1990. He is a recognized leader in international tourism research and marketing strategy, having conducted extensive research worldwide for destinations, airlines, hotels, transportation companies and tourism marketing boards. David developed Insignia’s travel consumer Path to Purchase model and destination Return on Investment assessment framework. He has been instrumental in helping the Canadian Tourism Commission shape their overseas marketing strategies to draw tourists to Canada and advising Canadian Tire around their targeted marketing strategy.

Lydia Zorn
Executive Vice President

A strategic planner and qualitative research expert with over 20 years' experience in tourism and retail research, Lydia co-founded Insignia in 1990. Lydia's work focuses on identifying strategic brand solutions for her clients, leveraging her qualitative and strategic planning skills with the disciplines of social anthropology and behavior therapy. As a focus group moderator, she has undertaken projects in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India and the U.K. and has pioneered revolutionary techniques designed to explore the sub-conscious, uncovering deeply rooted emotional triggers. Lydia has worked on major campaign design and evaluation projects for Destination British Columbia, Hershey and Johnson and Johnson.


Luna Yee
Vice President

A professional project manager and research analyst with over 15 years' experience conducting and analyzing marketing research, Luna joined Insignia in 2001. Luna is involved in all key phases of the company’s retail and tourism projects including questionnaire and discussion guide design, quantitative and qualitative fieldwork set-up and management, data analysis and client reporting. Luna began her research career at Creative Research International Inc. where she was responsible for project preparation, execution and delivery.  

Dr. Marc Tyrrell
Social Analyst

Marc is a Social (Symbolic) Anthropologist who teaches in the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies at Carleton University and a lead analyst on our team. He takes fundamental consumer behavior and needs to a much higher level of interpretation and meaning. This big picture perspective, in turn, opens the door to a more powerful interpretation of what is driving consumer behavioral patterns. In addition to his academic research, his clients have included the Canadian Tourism Commission, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Microsoft.