How We Do It

We work in partnership with our clients to determine the most appropriate research design which will best deliver on their unique objectives. We are involved in projects from the design stage, fieldwork capture (both quantitative and qualitative), strategic analysis and reporting.

How we do it

We take a practical approach to designing and conducting research. We see research as a needed step in the evolution of developing enhanced marketing strategies and innovative consumer campaigns. We design and execute research with the goal of achieving our clients' objectives and uncovering insightful strategic recommendations. We take pride in being able to effectively communicate the value of the end research and socialize the insights among decision makers.

Quant Surveying

We have designed, conducted and analyzed hundreds of quantitative-based survey projects. We are experts in crafting survey questions, developing sampling plans designed to capture robust, defensible results, and managing online and offline fieldwork. We work with a preferred network of fieldwork partners in the countries where we operate including through our long-term online supplier, Research Now.

Our quantitative surveys are designed to benchmark brand perception, identify and profile key market segments and measure the drivers of brand loyalty.

Focus Groups

We are experts in moderating and analyzing focus groups designed to probe consumers’ underlying perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. Either through in-person groups or online discussion boards, we use a variety of proven techniques to probe opinions and capture insights. We typically co-create the discussion guide used to stimulate active conversation during the groups with our clients to ensure relevance. Post groups we take a holistic view of the data including cognitive rational analysis and underlying psychological patterns.

In-depth Interviews

We believe some of the most valuable insights companies can obtain from research involving listening to a handful of informed consumers and stakeholders. We are experts in identifying and recruiting informed general consumers and more senior-level decision makers and engaging them in a respectful manner. Through active conversations either via telephone or a hybrid audio-enabled web interface we engage in semi-structured dialogue to uncover underlying brand perceptions and behavior.

In-home Ethnographics

Pioneered at Insignia with our work for the Canadian Tourism Commission, we use this qualitative research technique to 'get into the mind set' of consumers. Whether it is observing British travelers plan a vacation from the comfort of their living room or viewing a reader navigate online blogs while researching book titles, we have developed a series of methods to map consumer behavior relative to specific trigger points.