Our Expertise

Specializing in Tourism, Retail and Strategic Brand Insights we take pride in our client list, working with many leading companies and brands.


360' research and consulting to build country travel brands and increase visitation


Strategic and tactical research to optimize marketing spend


Research aimed at improving brand positioning in order to better engage consumers


Insignia is recognized globally as the leader in designing, conducting and analyzing international tourism research. Our specialties include developing strategies for advertising, tracking the 'path to purchase', understanding social media trends, surveying industry trade professionals, determining ROI measurement and advising on website design strategy.

Our team has developed a deep understanding of the complexities of international travel markets, having conducted in depth consumer and industry trade studies in 18 countries over the past decade. The unique needs of each market impact advertising tone, marketing and communications content, website design and overall marketing strategies.

International Markets

We work with our clients to identify and profile markets of opportunity including consumer segments and products. We are typically engaged to conduct an initial market assessment scan followed by a more deeper brand benchmarking exercise.

Path to Purchase

We have developed an innovative model to assess where in the overall decision hierarchy consumers reside and ultimately where the best intervention points are to grow influence and capture sales.

Social Media

We are able to understand the topics and origin of discussions in the online sphere and determine how best to engage in the conversation.

Ad Tracking

We work with our clients' internal marketing departments and external agencies to track how advertising collateral is working in a market, identifying where improvements need to be made.


We have the ability to effectively track consumer recall of advertising and PR efforts and determine overall Return on Investment. Our model has been developed over a decade and is now in use by many national tourism organizations.

Website Strategy

With our in-depth background understanding the global traveling consumer, we are able to advise clients on how best to communicate their unique value proposition in order to capture consumer interest.



We have an in-depth understanding of consumer needs and behavior in both Canada and the U.S. Our specialties include providing high level strategic insights to major Canadian retailers, advertising collateral design, store design, developing advertising strategies, testing creative and evaluating individual marketing initiatives such as reward programs.

In addition to national consumer perception and behavioral studies, we conduct exit surveys, 'shop-a-longs', ethnographies and tactical assessments of store design.

Image Tracking

Using quantitative and qualitative techniques are able to benchmark and track perceptions, attitudes and behaviors of consumers relative to exposure to brand messaging and advertising collateral.

Concept Research

We work with clients to road test product and marketing concepts including overall positioning, materiality and tactical resonance.



Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to communicate with consumers who are being overwhelmed by the amount of messaging they are continually exposed to in the online and offline worlds. We help our clients understand how information is processed and ultimately improve how they can better and more precisely reach their target audiences.

We are instrumental in uncovering breakthrough insights, leading to winning brand marketing strategies for our clients.


We leverage research to uncover the optimal brand and product positioning within a market. We are able to advise our clients on how best to communicate their brand promise and value propositions.